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Living The Lifestyle You Don't Need A Vacation From

Elevate Your Self Love And Relationships 

Transform Your Life

 And We Are Now Offering

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The Energy Healing Process


We help you make your life better

"heal your energy and you heal your life"

Taking your time, freedom and life back. Giving Yourself Permission to do what you love again, so you will love what you do. Simple right? Then why are so few people doing it, over 83% are not!  We are here for you when you are ready to.

  •  Overwhelmed Or Lonely
  •  Feeling Stressed Or Stuck
  •  Health Problems / Weight Issues
  •  Not Satisfied Or Fulfilled
  •  Tolerating Something Or Suffering
  •  Starting Over Newly Heals

Enhancing Your "Immune System"

and The benefits of a solid foundation

 You will finally have an awakened body, an elevated mind and a deeper connection with your soul than you have ever experienced before. We are expert at helping you to identify and remove your blocks and triggers. Are You Ready To?

Proper Nutrition

When you align here this is primary health care.

Consistent Exercise

Your body is your temple, really, respect it now.

Quality Sleep

A high quality life requires 7-8 hours daily.


“David helped me in a way and time that I never found in decades of therapy and pharmaceutical medications prescribed by my therapist and doctors.

Thank you for holding my hand"


- Clicia Morales
VP Morgan Stanley, Wall Street, NY


The Ready To Process

When we remove our blocks and rejuvenate ourselves in a body, mind and soul way everything opens up. We become more aligned and can tap into our infinite energy as a result of connecting the dots consistently in a fully integrated way.


Giving yourself permission to take decisive action and live the life you really want.

Discover & Design

You must be willing to follow a proven process which works quickly!


The quality of life I have today is a direct result of "The Ready To Process".

The Ready To Process Is A Fully Integrated (Body, Mind & Soul) Approach

These Fully Integrated Solutions Create Fully Integrated Results, Not The Partial Solutions Most People Are Achieving. This Is What Is Unique About "The Ready To Process" It Works & Is A Game Changer! 

Implementation of your practical plan, with the required structure, accountability and coaching to make it all happen and to make it real is the differentiator. Having your goals become results makes all the difference and is what we pride ourselves in. This is Life By Design. We help professionals in transition to get from where they are now to where they really want to be more quickly than they can do on their own, or if at all. Helping people across the gap is tricky, and having a guide helps you connect the dots, this is what we do!

Costa Rica Wellness Institute

“Vletas' love of nature and humanity invites us to live more ...
With echoes of Thoreau and Muir, Mr. Vletas' love of nature
and humanity invites us to live more authentic lives and reject the
"North American default"-the well-worn paths of mindless material
acquisition and shallow relationships. He is a contemporary Joseph Campbell, encouraging us to seek our own bliss and showing us the way with practical advice.””

CEO Master Wellness YMCA

Costa Rica Wellness Institute

““A great method to move past the anxiety that indecision can cause in your life!
Much of the anxiety that we cause ourselves can be alleviated by simply making a decision and taking action, and that simple philosophy is expressed here through a natural lens that makes so much sense.

There are many parts of David's methods that resonated with me, but the one I found most applicable to me was simply evaluating your situation, assessing your options, and making a decision to move forward!”

Ray Moss
- Artist / Trans Visualist / Production

Creating A "Sustainable You" is A Primary Benefit Of

Replacing the Overwhelm, Chaos & Stress You Have Been Tolerating with The peace of mind you want

Giving yourself permission to create the life you really want to live, while making your next,

life phase the best one yet. Creating your optimal work-life balance together.

And, as always, The Best Is Yet To Come!