David Headshot.pngHi, I'm David, founder of the Costa Rica Wellness Institute. I am an internationally recognized coach and mentor who speaks for wellness, nutrition, longevity, and specifically how to design the life you really want to live. I am a master at generating and teaching the tools you need to create your unique Life by Design. These same insights, interests and awakenings have drawn me to living and working in a more mindful and sustainable way.

I have a deep respect of nature and the oceans. I have committed the past 27 years to helping individuals and corporations achieve or surpass their best results. I believe that when we are aligned and working in phase with each other, we may accomplish anything we intentionally design and implement with a practical plan.

All of us at the Costa Rica Wellness Institute look forward to helping you with your Life By Design, Rejuvenation, Discovery, Design & Implementation. Creating Sustainable Solutions Together / The Best Is Yet To Come!


By Awakening your Body Elevating your Mind & Deepening your connection with your Soul. This fully integrated approach works.


Your optimal aptitudes, abilities, gifts, genius and skill sets. This allows for (flow) your creativity, imagination and freedom to be enhanced.


A practical plan, one which inspires you to create the projects and life you really want to live. And is aligned with your Rejuvenation  and Discovery.


Your plan with the required structure, accountability and coaching to make it all happen and too make your goals into results.