Replacing Stress With Love It's Your Natural State

You Are Free To Do Whatever You Want



Are You Ready To Feel Good?

Rejuvenate And Align Your Life     

- Lose Weight

- Feel Better

- Less Stress

- Get Out Of The Trap…

- More Energy

- More Love

Not having self - love is the link between pain, disease and suffering.

We turn our feelings and emotions into problems in our bodies, minds and souls.

We don’t realize this is …

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You Are Free To Do Whatever You Want


Making Peace With Your Habits While Dreaming Big!

We have infinite possibilities in ourselves, this world and the universe.

The answers are all there for us to remember. The thing is choosing to

have that be important enough in our lives. This is one of the keys for

learning how to tap into our natural capabilities and energies.

Whatever you can envision with focused concentration and practice you

can design, create and ach…

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Aligning Ourselves First With Our True Essence



When we love to help other people, we usually have some core values that inspire us to be of service. Values are a person's principles or standards of behavior, the way we relate to what is most important in life.

Often a key experience, person, or even a book you read may have helped you identify a core value which guides decisions you make. Sometimes we are very aware of this, and sometimes we need to look closer to fin…

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Meeting People Where they Are And Tapping Into Those Resources


At the beginning of the coaching phase, we meet clients where they are and share a deep listening for understanding, trust and love.

The client already knows what the solution is, however, they can not see it yet. It is our job to create a space for them to remember and access what is optimal for themselves.

By accessing their own healing and giving them tools for fortifying their foundation, so they can uncover what is rea…

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Meditation As A Practice For Peace Of Mind

When we meditate, we learn to regulate our nervous system and expand our consciousness.

This allows us to bring a grounded and loving experience to any stress we have.

Our sessions combine breathing exercises, meditation, guided journey meditation,

and open presence awareness. Realizing "It's Always A Question Of Love" Priceless!

Everyone is invited. I hope you can join us at "Immersion Week" to meditate live in Costa Rica.

Or, if you can't make it to CR then you can join us in our online…

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Creating Sharp Focus Requires Practice

"Having Good Habits We Practice Consistently Enhances Our Focus" 

Here are some of mine... What are some of yours? Ones to add and ones to delete? 
This is a great team building activity for productivity and satisfaction!

“When you have a good understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions,
you’re in a better position to tackle your destructive emotions (stress, anger).

Compassion and self love gives rise to a sense of confidence and reduces fear.
Under those circumstance…

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We Heal The World By Giving And Receiving Love

Are You Ready To?

As we practice being our own best friend and our self love everything opens up to us in life.

This creates the space for satisfying relationships and love with another to be intimate and rewarding.

Then this spills over into all our other experiences and business.

It's Always A Question Of Love"

This is one of the main reasons we created "Immersion Week" Retreat Costa Rica.

See, once we are grounded in nature and create an environment for ourselves to thrive in we can…

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Turning The Page And Creating A Blank Canvas In Your Life


We instinctively react to situations all the time, and in ways that have us immediately think afterward: “I wish I hadn’t SAID or DONE that”…

This is what the continuation of a dissatisfying cycle looks like.

This is a “Triggered Reaction”, one that is hardwired into your mind from incomplete issues in your past.

When we begin to learn how to Pause in the face of these “Triggered Reactions” we are on to something.

Learning how to navigate thi…

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Don't Wait Start Choosing Happy Now

Life does not get more simple, easier or better.

It is what we make of it right now, and choosing happiness kills stress...

It is not to say some challenges are greater or more difficult than others.

Or, some achievements and gifts are more satisfying than others.

At the end of the day "It's Always A Question Of Love"...

As we learn to demonstrate and bring people into the space of healing

we have achieved; it transforms the world. And, remember there is a

difference in knowing the path…

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Being Released From The Fear Of Misconception

Sometimes we believe things and create suffering in our lives

even when those things we believe are not accurate or true.

This happens all the time when we worry about things that

never come to pass. We have all laid awake in bed at night

over thinking about a perceived problem that was not a problem

at all... Then when we realize all the heart ache we put ourselves

through for no good reason it can be very frustrating. Not to 

mention stressful and while robbing your quality of life. S…

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