Aligning Ourselves First With Our True Essence



When we love to help other people, we usually have some core values that inspire us to be of service. Values are a person's principles or standards of behavior, the way we relate to what is most important in life.

Often a key experience, person, or even a book you read may have helped you identify a core value which guides decisions you make. Sometimes we are very aware of this, and sometimes we need to look closer to find our core values.

My own inspiration to help others came when I was 17 and was involved in car crash that resulted in a near death out of body experience. Fortunately, being a surfer, I was grounded in nature and connected with the devine.

I was around so many people growing up in southern California and noticing how much stress they carried. Later in my mid twenties and into my thirties I started to want to help people to relax and unwind their stress. I guess you'd say my core values then were to assist in relaxation, wellness and healing. I am still surfing at 60!


What I discovered as a consultant and coach was that I could merge the healing tools in a fully integrated body, mind ans soul way. This is what I saw, that was missing in the health and wellness business. Providing processes for proper nutrition, consistent exercise, quality sleep, detoxification, and energy healing was an opportunity.

This meant that my service would be empowering to my clients - but also to me. It would help others relax and know their own inner wisdom and healthy power.

Building this foundation was a key first step. Then identifying peoples optimal aptitudes abilities, gifts, skill sets and genius was the next part.

Once these pieces are in place then it is time to design a practical plan to then implement with the required structure accountability and coaching to make it all happen faster, than one can do on their own.

You see, when we know our core values, they can create a foundation of strength, wisdom, and energy within us. Values are a fast track to our spiritual truth. In coaching we can help clients to know their core values and to choose new core values. Surrendering into your heart and soul understanding is the long term goal.


When a person is aligned with a value they care about, the value can literally be the part of them that gives the best advice. As a coach, it's part of our work to reconnect a client with their own highest self and authenticity.

When that happens, solutions and understandings come from within them. We are helping people to feel empowered, too create healthy boundaries, and to have the courage and energy to take the next steps in their life.  

As transformational teachers, we also connect to our own values, and we can guide from this place of truth and wisdom. This makes coaching feel very organic and natural.

I like to always invite love and imagination to be at the center of my strength as a coach.

I was taught do a little ritual before each coaching session. I am sitting in my chair looking at my computer, and I call in Love and Imagination to be in charge of my work as a coach. That way I get to enjoy the experience, but Love and Imagination do the coaching. 

At The Costa Rica Wellness Institute we help clients to empower their core values in their lives and work. This makes for a lot of exciting sessions, because each person and situation for healing is different, and we love that. 

You may know already that we teach by using processes and strategies, which are a series of steps which empower creative and emotional agility.

These strategies are designed to help clients to increase self love, become better communicators, find relaxation, feel clear and organized, feel energized, and so on.

Each person is unique and does the same process in their own way, with their own love and imagination. 

I wanted to thank one of my caches, Magail Peysha, for inspiring my practice and providing the base for this email:)

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Love & Light


P.S. When we make our health and wellness the priority, everything opens up in our favor.

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