Turning The Page And Creating A Blank Canvas In Your Life


We instinctively react to situations all the time, and in ways that have us immediately think afterward: “I wish I hadn’t SAID or DONE that”…

This is what the continuation of a dissatisfying cycle looks like.

This is a “Triggered Reaction”, one that is hardwired into your mind from incomplete issues in your past.

When we begin to learn how to Pause in the face of these “Triggered Reactions” we are on to something.

Learning how to navigate this territory is a game changer for yourself, your family and in your business.

This is the moment of choice, for choosing another reaction (More Suffering) or pausing and responding in another way, a way which provides a new way forward, (Real Solutions).

Creating a solution to the, triggered reaction from your automatic past, removes the poisons for your contribution in life.

Your feelings and emotions suffer until you learn to anticipate the triggered reaction coming and pause.

This is good awareness and where we learn the new life lessons, as we enhance our skills and practice using them we learn to not dwell in suffering. We can choose happiness!

Growing your awareness of this mechanism. Breaking free to the quality of life you really want.

Accessing and creating your projects requires solving this dilemma and removing these blocks one trigger at a time.

There is an unfulfilled need just beneath the old emotion or feeling that once identified, articulated and fulfilled upon, will no longer have that triggered reaction continue to disrupt your life in the way it has.

The cycle has been broken. New understanding and insight has reveled the pattern and now you see it clearly. Priceless…

You will recognize the trigger and have a choice to react or pause and respond! Wow, so simple right. I am going to teach you how to use this in your life and guide you forward.

We all have some version of these issues or beliefs, and I have created a process for resolving them with and for you, once and for all.
You got this!

It is called: “The Suffering Index Gap”. LET’S TALK Schedule a time for us to speak here. https://CostaRicaWellnessInstitute.com

Knowing and growing your awareness of which, unique Triggers you have in your life is the first step. Then getting unstuck and living a free, and more satisfying life.

I will be your guide for this lifetime breakthrough about what’s been keeping you stuck in life.

We are going to transition to the freedoms you desire, and away from those old dissatisfying cycles that hindered you from advancing what you really want in your life.

I am looking forward to speaking with you soon. Let's do this! When you are ready to everything opens up in your favor.

Love & Light


P.S. Giving yourself permission to have your health and wellbeing, be the priority changes everything. It’s Always A Question Of Love…

“Creating Sustainable Solutions Together”

The Best Is Yet To Come...


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