Tapping Into Satisfaction & Joy


From Costa Rica With Love...

"Creating Sustainable Solutions Together"

Building the bridge to where you envision is the key!

Defining your specific vision vividly and in full detail.

- Self Love First

- Love With Another

- Love For Your Dream Project

- Love For The Planet

This Is Where Fulfillment, Satisfaction & Joy Live

Learning to love more and stress less is priceless.

Tapping Into Your Natural Energies Is Critical...

Let us help you form a more satisfying future together.

We love helping our clients "Creating Sustainable Solutions Together"

You are without boundaries, although you have some 

imaginary ones in place that are restricting your dreams.

We guide you to consistently access your power within.

Begin creating lasting habits which turns everything around

to your advantage. When we make our health and wellness our

priority everything opens up in our favor. Are you ready to?


Share The Love With A Friend... We are better together and

no one has to go it alone. Come for "Immersion Week" retreat

together. Invite a special friend to join you!

Love & Light

David Vletas / Owner Of The CRWI & Your Guide...

P.S. We are going to have a blast together, lounging by the pool,

time at the beach, and surfing if you like. Daily yoga, some massage

and amazing food... While we Rejuvenate, Discover, Design & Begin

to Implement the projects your love and the life you really want to live.

Plus the sunsets are the best in the world:)


The Best Is Yet To Come...


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